GPI Academy

The GPI Academy is an online training service, featuring personalized digital trainings on a modern and interactive Learning Management System.

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The GPI Academy

GPI is proud to host some of the most useful and insightful digital training programs for banking enthusiasts. With hands-on experience in banking and finance, our experts provide workshops and training sessions to foster relevant skills that will help you in your day-to-day business operations and set the path for your career growth.

Our goal is to provide a one-on-one learning mechanism that allows you to excel in the industry. You have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and seasoned professionals.

Branch Manager Excellence Program (BME)

The program enhances your skills and expertise as a branch manager, polishing your team-building and leadership skills to help grow the business in volume, revenue, and profit.

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Relational Selling Workshop

Relationships remain the core of sales and the nucleus for sustainable growth in the banking world. This program enables you to build lasting relationships with stakeholders, based on trust and integrity.

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Service Quality Management

Learn the significance of service quality in the banking industry as this program teaches brand managers a structured approach to enhancing the quality of service in their branches.

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Mental Health at Workplace

Employee performance and organizational efficiency are directly influenced by employees°« mental health. This program helps you foster a productive yet stress-free work culture.

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Human-Centered Leadership

A signature program to mentor your workforce, bringing out their leadership skills and encouraging them to take on leadership roles as they progress in their careers.

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The Leadership Challenge

A robust leadership development program for senior leaders, specially designed from the content of the book °»The Leadership Challenge°… by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

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Relationship Manager Certification Program

A well-constructed RM program with a consistent approach to building core capabilities and relationship management skills to up your game in the banking world.

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