Course Instructor:



Salman Sarwar Butt


Chairman Green Peak International

Salman brings with him over 25 years of rich and diversified experience in the Retail and Consumer Banking industry. This includes Branch Banking, Consumer Banking, Credit Risk, Alternative Delivery Channels Management and P&L Management.

He started his career with Citibank (Pakistan) in 1991 and rapidly progressed to positions of senior management. He served as Group Head of Consumer and Retail Banking as well as Acting CEO for Royal Bank of Scotland (Pakistan) where he was able to make valuable contributions by quadrupling the bank’s profits and making it a reference point for service quality in Pakistan.

Salman later served as Group Head of Consumer and Retail Banking at NIB Bank (Pakistan). This included management of the Priority Banking, Consumer Finance and Transactional Banking businesses through 140+ branches. In addition to this, he has also been part of international projects, holding senior management positions in Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Salman’s vast experience in the banking industry, stretching all the way from being a relationship manager to Acting CEO, allows him to understand the intrinsic dynamics of how business is done at both the branch level and at the corporate level. This, combined with his natural aptitude and passion for teaching, makes him an ideal instructor to transfer valuable knowledge and skills to those who are seeking to excel in the banking industry. It was for this exact purpose that Salman set up the Green Peak International Academy in 2011 and continues to lead it today.


Introduction to the BME Program:



Course Preview:


Module 1: Branch Manager as Business Owner


In order for a branch manager to effectively develop their business, the mindset of a 'Business Owner' must first be adopted. This module covers critical aspects of business management that must be understood to ensure the success of the branch including recognition of responsibilities, acknowledgement of stakeholders, and the planning and execution of business strategies.



Module 2: Building the Business Case


This module introduces branch managers to a set of financial data that presents them with opportunities for substantial business development in their customer portfolios and markets. This will allow them to develop an action plan for achieving tangible results towards the growth of their business. 



Module 3: Understanding Customers


Being able to provide customers with exceptional service depends on how well one can understand them. This module provides a template for understanding various customer types and their needs as well as critical steps required to cater to those needs.



Module 4: Product Revenues & USPs


For a branch to achieve significant growth, all product USPs must be assessed to reveal the opportunities that can be created towards this fulfilling goal. This module covers key concepts pertaining to product revenues and USPs that a branch manager must understand to fully utilize the resources that are available to them and build a successful business.



Module 5: KPIs & Activity Goals


This module shows the importance of setting SMART KPIs and related Activity Goals that can guide branch managers and their staff members to accomplish their business plans efficiently. 



Module 6: Building a Branch Business Development Plan


Creating and implementing a well-rounded business strategy is an integral part of successfully developing and advancing one’s business. This module provides the details on how an annual branch business plan should be constructed and put into action through daily and weekly activities.




Program available both Online and as a Classroom Training
Classroom Training: 2 days
Virtual Training Access Duration: 2 months
No. of Users per workshop: 20 - 30


For more information on this program, please contact:


Hassan Tariq: +92 333 3097108
Or call GPI Office: +92 21 35247108
Office Address: Office No 3, 2nd Floor, Tower 54-C, Small Shahbaz Commercial Lane 4, DHA Phase VI, Karachi

1. Introduction to BME Program

This module provides a brief introduction to the Branch Manager Excellence Program

Introduction to the Program

Branch Banking 101

BME Program Agenda

2. Branch Manager as Business Owner

Espousing the Business Owner Mindset in a Branch Manage

Module 1 Agenda


Roles and Responsibilities

Business Development Resources

Planning & Execution

Business Criticals

Module 1 Assessment

3. Building the Business Case

How to conduct an analysis of your bank branch's deposits and build a case for a profitable business

Module 2 Agenda

Total Deposit Report

Deposit Portfolio Vintages

Product Penetration Report

Module 2 Assessment

4. Understanding Customers

Understanding your customers through active profiling and identifying their needs

Module 3 Agenda

Customer Life Cycle

Customer Needs

Customer Nurturing

Customer Profiling

Importance of Customer Profiling

Module 3 Assessment

5. Product Revenues & USPs

An in-depth look at the products your bank offers and the revenues you can generate from them

Module 4 Agenda

Funds Transfer Pricing

Deposit Revenues - Current Account

Deposit Revenues - Revenue Comparison


Activity Results

Finance Products - Mutual Funds

Finance Products - Bancassurance

Finance Products - Wealth Portfolio Building

Finance Products - Auto Loans

Finance Products - Credit Cards

Finance Products - PIL

Finance Products - Mortgage Loans

Retail Bank Financials

Module 4 Assessment

6. KPIs & Activity Goals

How to set your Business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such that you can achieve them through SMART Goals

Module 5 Agenda

Branch Portfolio Tagging

Setting SMART Goals

Module 5 Assessment

7. Building a Branch Business Development Plan

Building an annual business plan which translates into daily and weekly activities and goals to enhance your branch's business

Module 6 Agenda

Market Sizing and Customer Segmentation

Identifying Customer Needs & Matching Products

Branch Single-view Map

ETB New Sales 12 Month Plan

NTB New Sales 12 Month Plan

WICO New Sales 12 Month Plan

Module 6 Assessment

8. BME Feedback Survey

Please enlighten us with your feedback on the BME Training Program

Feedback Survey

9. Branch Business Planning

Build your own business plan, implement it and share the results with us

Business Plan Worksheets

Business Plan Submission

Monitoring Sheets